Letrise Carter is the founder of Sistah’s Creative Media and the recently named 2017 award winning Sistah’s Place Entertainment Magazine.   She is a published author with her debut novella Deceitful Secrets.  A freelance writer who has been featured writer for Caution Magazine, Beautifully Said Magazine, and Influential People Magazine.  Having worked as a freelancer in social media and website management for four years.  Letrise decided to step out on faith to launch her small business Sistah’s Creative Media.   Benefiting from her  17 years in Corporate America as Accounting Manager compliments her creative side with operational mindset of running a business.  She holds a Masters degree in Financial Management and Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

Letrise is grateful for the freelance opportunity that started with working on a indie film project for Nferno Productions.  The role in media sparked and confirmed the dream of owning her own creative media business that would diversify its services in social media, website management, and branding.  This started out as a freelance job that crossed multiple platforms.

Letrise enjoys promoting content that create awareness about projects with authors, artists, and indie films is something that she is passionate about creating awareness about an industry that has so many talents.

Meet Public Relations &Website Manager – Simone Carter.  She is a graduate from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations & Advertising from the school of Communications.

She has worked in Corporate America for a two major Fortune 500 and non-profit companies doing web design, coding, social media, content management, analytics, and public relations.  She is a freelance writer and content manager for Author Letrise Carter & Sistah’s Place.  Simone brings to the partnership and team her dynamic ability to analyze, create, design, and implement best practices to maximize clients exposure.