Letrise Carter

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Letrise T. Carter is the creator and founder of Sistah’s Creative Media. Using her gifts and talents to shine the light on those in entertainment on her 2017 Award winning entertainment blog Sistah’s Place.  She wanted to do more with her gifts of creativity. Given the opportunity to work with indie Film Director Christopher Nolen on his creative media team , hint the birth of Sistah’s Creative Media idea was birthed in the mind of such a talented and creative woman.

What better way to promote brands then to help those in the indie industry reach a bigger audience and create more exposure to their brand and projects.  Since the birth of Sistah’s Creative Media, Letrise has re-branded the social media freelance business to fit the vision and purpose.  The company now focus on creating exposure and awareness on social media for brands, projects, authors, indie artists, entertainment, and small business.

In 2014, Letrise launched her first blog Sistah’s Blog which would be the stepping stone to the platform called Sistah’s Place Entertainment Blog which showcases minority men and women in film, theater, publishing, music, and television. This platform would give her the opportunity to interview indie, national, music artists, actors, actress, and directors.  Shining the light on their talents and gifts that will inspire others to continue to follow their dreams.  In 2017, Letrise launched Sistah’s Place Blog Talk Radio to take her entertainment blog to another level.

Letrise is humbled by the exposure, connections, and support from the entertainment and publishing industry.  She has been inspired by many of the talented men and women that she has interviewed.  The inspiration from others has helped her to tap into her passion that led her directly into her purpose.  It’s been a powerful two and half years discovering her talents and gifts that will be blessing many.

Letrise will be a published author with her long awaited debut novel to be release June 15, 2017 with the release of a new book cover Mid-May 2017.  Visit her website Author Letrise Carter and sign up for her Author’s E-Blast for more details on the release of Deceitful Secrets.

Letrise utilizes her platforms and resourceful connections to elevate Sistah’s Creative Media creating more exposure for her clients and their brands, projects, and small business.