Client Profile: Pamela Varnado

Client profile with Pamela Varnado who found us via internet search.  Pamela was looking for a author website design that tell her story as an best selling author of Romantic Suspense and Futuristic Romance.   We created a questionnaire that would allow us to tap into her creativity and imagination.  It’s all about what Mrs. Varnado was looking for after previous disappointment with web designer.  We were very happy to walk her through each phase of her set up and design of her author website.

We carefully examined her responses to what she was looking for her website to do and examined 100’s of design themes and shells that would fit her persona.  We found an amazing Book theme perfectly made for Pamela’s vision.  Visit her final website to see the final completion f her website at

Here novel will be released October 30, 2017  titled Affliction and we are looking forward to helping her with gaining the exposure across multiple platforms digital and print.

About Pamela Varnado

A military veteran, Pamela lives in the south with her husband. She has traveled extensively throughout Europe and now enjoys touring the United States. Her passion for writing began with her love of reading, which was mostly Harlequin romances and historical novels.  When she wasn’t participating in sports during her teen and college years, she always had a book in her hand. She is always looking for the next novel that will keep her up all night reading.

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