Book promotions 

Sistah’s Creative Media offers Book Promotion Services/Marketing to authors and publishers.

We can help grow, build, and expand your reach to promote your projects on various platforms that we have partnered with to market your novels. Utilizing the craft of networking on various social channels, directories, syndicated networks, and influencers open doors to potential new customers and larger audiences.

Have you asked yourself the following questions?

  1. How can I reach a bigger audience?
  2. How can I market my novels on different platforms?
  3. Where is my audience on social channels?

Every author ask these important questions. The ultimate objective is to increase awareness about your novel,build, and grow your audience. At the same time  turning followers into customers.

How can Sistah’s Creative Media help you?

  1. We can market and promote your novel across social media channels, directories, and syndicated networks.
  2. We can get you interviews with popular bloggers and feature interviews for digital magazines that have large subscribers.
  3. Network with partnered affiliates to promote your novel and get you the exposure to other platforms.

Inquire today about our packages for social media management, content media , and book promo.

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