We are Rebranding our Business & Web Design

Welcome to Sistah’s Creative Media.  We are re-branding our services and re-structuring our website to better fit the vision and purpose of who we are that better represents our brand.  We ask that you be patient with us as our fully re-designed website will be completely live May 1, 2017.  We are very excited about the re-branding of our business.

With the re-branding comes new services to reach target customers like yourself whether you are :

  • Small business owner
  • Entertainer whether you are indie or national artist in music, television, theater, or film
  • Brand, actor, or actress
  • Literary industry best-selling authors that are indie or national
  • Indie film production & Directors
  • Indpendent networks

We have restructured our services and offer customize packages to fit our customers budget:

  • Newsletter & Blog Services starting at $100-$300
  • Social Media set up starting at $75 per social media network
  • Social Media management monthly packages starting at $250-$850
  • Promotional services & Advertisement packages starting at $200-$850
  • Website set up in WordPress starting at $300-$500 for simple designs with no more than 4 pages
  • Website set up in ‘WordPress hat are customized designs with our partner affiliate starts at $600-$2,000 with Simone’s Digital World at https://simonesdigitalworld.com/
  • Al Carte and customized packages are available upon consult for the following:
    • Social Media Posts for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for Business, Brand, or Fan page
    • Customized designs by Canvas, Word Swag, or partnered affiliated start at $100 for social media posts
    • Customized banner for social media and websites start at $75 and for tailored specific banners we outsource to one of our affiliate partners graphic designer.
    • One time service is available and price will be given during the consultation

In the coming weeks, we will be announcing our partner affiliate business who will work with Sistah’s Creative Media allowing us to give our clients the best service whether in-house or external.  We are here to create brand awareness and help you with your social media networks.

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What are our Social Media Services offered?

Social Media

We offer three services at Sistah’s Creative Media in film, television, and publishing.  Each unique service is dedicated to growing, expanding or  building your brand by  informing a targeted audience about client’s projects.  All services include promoting across the social media platforms and channels.

Creative Media Manager Services

Creative Media Manager services involve creating a social media platform that will engage audience and are informative of what is happening with projects.  We create engaging content promoting interviews, premiers, book launches, new websites, etc.

Social Media Platform

Social Media Management Services

Social Media Management services involve creating, building, and managing social media platform on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumble Upon Me, Tumblr, Sydicated networks, forums, groups, and partnered affiliated blog platforms that will allow Clients to reach a bigger audience across the country.  Also Promoting interviews, movie premiers, book launches, author novels, etc

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