Business Partner-Sistah’s Place Entertainment Showcase

Sistah’s Creative Media has partnered with sister company to utilize their services to serve us in a capcity that creates more exposure and features advertisement ads and interviews on the newly launched Sistah’s Place Blog Talk Radio and Sistah’s Voice #RealTalk Segment on Blog Talk Radio.

About Sistah’s Place

Sistah’s Place is the receipent of the 2017 Black Excellence Award for their Entertainment Blog.  Sistah’s Place has a mission to shine the light on those who follow their dreams, give back to the community, inspire others to take the leap of faith, to believe in themselves, and most important are a positive influence in the community. is your source for entertainment blog showcase.  Sistah’s Place was launched in July 2014 to be the source for film, television, theater, music, and publishing.  We focus on the talented minority men and women following their dreams while inspiring others to step out on faith to believe in their dreams.