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It is with great pleasure that Sistah’s Creative Media has partnered with Authentically You Magazine to bring indie and national author’s the exposure to promote their novels, business, or ministry.

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What type of exposure can you get with Authentically You Magazine?

The magazine will give you awareness on their platform that has over 4,000 followers via their social media platform, and 2 page feature in their magazine, and website.

How can this help you as an author?

The exposure by Authentically You Magazine will give you the exposure to market and promote your novel on another platform and different audience creating prospective new customers.

Sistah’s Creative Media is partnering with other magazines and business affiliates to give indie artist in publishing, film, and television the opportunity that will give them exposure of their projects on different platforms.  The benefits of utilizing multiple platforms that will give you a voice about your projects, novels, or business.

Are you ready to spread your wings to reach bigger audience and allow your light to shine on your gifts and talents?  If so, then send an inquiry to Nakia P. Evans at  and let her know that you heard about her Branding package at Sistah’s Creative Media.


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What are our Social Media Services offered?

Social Media

We offer three services at Sistah’s Creative Media in film, television, and publishing.  Each unique service is dedicated to growing, expanding or  building your brand by  informing a targeted audience about client’s projects.  All services include promoting across the social media platforms and channels.

Creative Media Manager Services

Creative Media Manager services involve creating a social media platform that will engage audience and are informative of what is happening with projects.  We create engaging content promoting interviews, premiers, book launches, new websites, etc.

Social Media Platform

Social Media Management Services

Social Media Management services involve creating, building, and managing social media platform on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumble Upon Me, Tumblr, Sydicated networks, forums, groups, and partnered affiliated blog platforms that will allow Clients to reach a bigger audience across the country.  Also Promoting interviews, movie premiers, book launches, author novels, etc

Sistah's Place

Grand opening Special on Services

Sistah’s Book Promotion Services

For all authors that will like to reach different platforms through bloggers, online magazine, and submissions to various directories to promote their books.

Special Rate for Services from March 1st to June 30th:

  • 10 days Promo rate $250.00
  • 20 days Promo rate $325
  • 30 days Promo rate $450

Social Media Management Services Special March 1, 2016 to May 31, 2016

Package 1  $450 for 20 days and $550 for 30 days  

2 Social media channels to promote projects or brand.

1 blog post

Directory Submission & Gourp Promotion

2 Affiliate interview with Partner Influencer blogger/Blog Talk Show

Package 2 $600 for 20 days and $750 for 30 days

3 Social media channels

2 blog post

Newsletter blast

Directory sumissions & Group Promotion

3 Affiliates interview with Partner Influencer blogger/Blog Talk Radio Show

Grand opening 3/1/16

The grand opening of Sistah’s Creative Media will be opening for business officially as of March 1, 2016. 

We are a small minority owned business in social & creative media management service company. Providing services in the entertainment and publishing industry. 

  • Social media management services
  • Creative media services
  • Book promotion services

We offer unique packages to fit indie and national actors, authors, production companies, filmmakers, and publishing companies. 

We have access to influential platforms, directories, forums, and affiliates to help you bring more awareness, reach a bigger audience that will lead to prospective customers. 

We utilize the following platforms to promote your projects across social media:

  • Google plus 
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • StumbleUpon
  • Various Blog platforms
  • Pinterest 
  • Syndicated networks

We have much to offer you to aid in building, expanding, and growing your brand. 

Book promotions 

Sistah’s Creative Media offers Book Promotion Services/Marketing to authors and publishers.

We can help grow, build, and expand your reach to promote your projects on various platforms that we have partnered with to market your novels. Utilizing the craft of networking on various social channels, directories, syndicated networks, and influencers open doors to potential new customers and larger audiences.

Have you asked yourself the following questions?

  1. How can I reach a bigger audience?
  2. How can I market my novels on different platforms?
  3. Where is my audience on social channels?

Every author ask these important questions. The ultimate objective is to increase awareness about your novel,build, and grow your audience. At the same time  turning followers into customers.

How can Sistah’s Creative Media help you?

  1. We can market and promote your novel across social media channels, directories, and syndicated networks.
  2. We can get you interviews with popular bloggers and feature interviews for digital magazines that have large subscribers.
  3. Network with partnered affiliates to promote your novel and get you the exposure to other platforms.

Inquire today about our packages for social media management, content media , and book promo.

  • Sistah’s Gold package
  • Sistah’s bronze package
  • Sistah’s silver package
  • Sistah’s special rate

Inquire today at

What is Sistah’s Creative Media?

What is Sistah’s Creative Media? It’s media services that focus on growing and building engagement, connections, brand awareness, and promoting projects across social media channels.  Targeting specific industries such as film, television, and publishing.

Sistah’s Creative Media provides three types of services:

  • Creative Media Services
  • Social Media Services
  • Book Promotion Services

Creative media is creating unique content that informs, entertains, and engages the audience.  It’s engaging content that stands out with audiences that will share information regarding projects related to and about projects that the targeted audience is interested in learning more about as the brand is being exposed to different social channels, directories, networks, and syndicated networks.



How was Sistah’s Creative Media formed?  The birth of Sistah’s creative media came from the freelance jobs as creative media for NFerno Productions, social media manger for multiple platforms such as Sistah’s Place Entertainment  Blog and  Maya’s Blog Showcase.


Giving clients the necessary resources to grow the awareness for and about their brand, project, or novel is rewarding to Sistah’s Creative Media.  Let us help build, grow, expand, and create visibility for indie films, indie authors, and national projects in film, publishers, and theater.

Inquire today at and we can examine our packages that we offer.




Welcome to Sistah’s Creative Media

Welcome to Sistah’s Creative Media. We are excited to be launching this brand new business with a vision that will make 2016 a phenomenal year.

We provide 3 types of services starting with social media management, creative media management, and book promotion services.  All services are for film, television, theater, and publishing. Our services are offered to individuals in entertainment and authors who are indie and national.

We are currently working deligentley behind the scenes to launch a unique and creative website that is anticipated to go completely live on Mid-January for our grand opening February 1, 2016.

We have launched our first social media page on Facebook.  It’s  Stop by and like our business page.

We will be launching other social channels over the next two weeks for IG, Google, and Twitter.

We are building our client list and competitive price packages list.

For more information about our services, grand opening, and prices send a email to

We will have introductions of our creator and outsourced team members in the coming weeks.

Thank you

Sistah’s Creative Media