Client Profile: Pamela Varnado

Client profile with Pamela Varnado who found us via internet search.  Pamela was looking for a author website design that tell her story as an best selling author of Romantic Suspense and Futuristic Romance.   We created a questionnaire that would allow us to tap into her creativity and imagination.  It’s all about what Mrs. Varnado was looking for after previous disappointment with web designer.  We were very happy to walk her through each phase of her set up and design of her author website.

We carefully examined her responses to what she was looking for her website to do and examined 100’s of design themes and shells that would fit her persona.  We found an amazing Book theme perfectly made for Pamela’s vision.  Visit her final website to see the final completion f her website at

Here novel will be released October 30, 2017  titled Affliction and we are looking forward to helping her with gaining the exposure across multiple platforms digital and print.

About Pamela Varnado

A military veteran, Pamela lives in the south with her husband. She has traveled extensively throughout Europe and now enjoys touring the United States. Her passion for writing began with her love of reading, which was mostly Harlequin romances and historical novels.  When she wasn’t participating in sports during her teen and college years, she always had a book in her hand. She is always looking for the next novel that will keep her up all night reading.

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Client Profile-Gigi Wilkins

Our client profile showcasing the services that we provided and share a clip about our client projects.

Gigi Wilkins received our Book Promotions services.  We carefully selected digital and print resources that create exposure for Gigi that will help her reach bigger audiences not just on social media.  Our objective and goal is to expand her audience and reach to promote her debut novel I Married My Daddy:  A Journey to Self.    With great resources, we were able to get Gigi Wilkins features in the following platforms.

Gigi Wilkins

Beautifully Said Magazine August 2017 feature

Simply Cindy’s Blog (September 2017)

Sistah’s Place Real Talk Magazine  (August 2017)

Sistah’s Place Blog talk Interview (September 2017)

Authentically You Magazine feature (October 2017)  -print magazine feature TBA

As a result of her creative media exposure, Gigi Wilkins has gotten new opportunities starting with guest writing on Simply Cindy’s

About Gigi Wilkins

Gigi Wilkins is a native of Houston, Texas. She is an Independent Healthcare Professional, Family Advocate, and Freelance Entertainer, who achieved her goal of becoming a Published Author August 2017. Her professional career spans over 20 years in Healthcare and Emergency Management. Gigi is a self-described Extroverted Introvert. Gigi is a mother, freelance entertainer, author, and entrepreneur.  Gigi is often recognized for her giving nature and complimented on her great smile, and taste in almost every woman’s vice, the perfect shoe. Gigi enjoys poetry, all types of music and traveling.

Social Media & Website

Instagram: gigi.wilkins 

Twitter: msgigiwilkins 


Client Profile: Linda Wattley

Linda Wattley

Our next Client profile is with a returning client Linda Wattley. We love it when our clients return for service.  We had the pleasure of providing Book Promotion and Branding services to Ms. Wattley.  Our first time with Linda we created a Branding Package that will get her featured in online magazine platforms and social media ads custom designed by our team.

For the second time around, we wanted to broaden her exposure across multiple platforms that will allow her to reach bigger audience.  She returned to us for her latest novel Unfathomable Love available now on Amazon at

Linda Wattley

With a carefully selected strategy with our affiliated resources and network that will maximize exposure for Linda not just on social media but in digital and print magazine/blog resources.  Check out the feature exposure for Linda Wattley:

Optimizing Social Media Ads on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Customize promotional Ads designed by team.

Book Promoter 30 days service on Twitter

Sistah’s Place Real Talk Magazine (2016/2017)

Authentically You Magazine (2016)

Sistah’s Place Blog Talk Radio (September 2017)

Simply Cindy Blog feature week (October 2017) Feature week 10/8/17

Beautifully Said Magazine (September 2017)

Linda Wattley -Bio

Linda Diane Wattley is a published writer who began her first work of art with poetry. The poem, “I Wish” appeared in the Poetry Gem of the American Poets Society. For over twelve years she had her own religious/philosophical column in the Frost Illustrated Newspaper titled “The Best Will Show Themselves”.

Linda has appeared as a contributing writer for the online magazines: Faith Writers, The Wright Side of Me Productions, The Blessed Room, and Cheers where she shared inspirational and thought provoking messages to readers. She is also a contributor to anthologies: The Triumph of My Soul edited by Elissa Gabriel and This Far by Faith with Vanessa Miller as editor.


Twitter:  @universalove

IG: Lindawattley



Business Partner-Authentically You Magazine

Sistah’s Creative Media is proud to partner and collaborate with business Authentically You to utilize their services to feature our clients in their magazine.  Women in business supporting each other is the heart of Sistah’s Creative Media.

About the CEO of Authentically You Magazine Nakia P. Evans

Nakia P. Evans, The Authentic Living Strategist, is the Founder & Editor-In_Chief  of Authentically You Magazine, Motivational Speaker, An International Best Selling Author, Writer, Minister, and Coach. She is also the Radio Host of Real Talk with Kia Radio, and the founder of Woman, Unmask Yourself Movement.

Nakia began her journey in Broadcasting in college at Morris College in Sumter, SC. She completed her Senior Internship at WLJI, Gospel 98.3 under the leadership of Program Director/ Radio Personality, Nate Stoney. She also worked at 95.3 in Columbia, SC. After graduating from college in 2007, Nakia began working at the Camden Chronicle Independent Newspaper. She then moved to work independently under the leadership of the late Mr. Larry Adamson of Gospel Line Magazine.

Nakia always had a passion for Broadcasting. In September 2013, She began her Radio Talk Show, Real Talk with Kia Radio. This radio program has grown tremendously in the last 3 years. Nakia has had the pleasure of interviewing many great names such as Micheal Baisden, from 100.1 BIG DM, Pastor Wess Morgan, Joshua Rogers, Alexis Spight, Tasha Page-Lockhart, Tony Grant, Tyler Perry Staff, and many more!

About the Magazine:

Authentically You Magazine is a Bi-Monthly Publication that is released 6 times a year: January, March, May, June, September, and November.

This publication consists of Empowering articles by women who are inspired to share their stores to help others get set free, to identify themselves in Christ, and to live authentically as they were created to be.

Distribution:  Worldwide

Demographics: Women, ages 30+

Issues are available online & print 


Business Partner- Simply Cindy

Sistah’s Creative Media is proud to partner and collaborate with Simply Cindy’s Blog.  Our clients will recieve additional exposure with her showcase feature of small business owners, authors, and more.  Shinning the light on those who have taken the leap of faith to follow their dreams.

About the owner Cindy Reed:

Cindy H. Reed was born in Brooklyn, New York; raised in Amityville, Long Island, New York. She’s published in three anthologies located in the National Library of Congress. Diamonds and Pearls – 1997, Best Poems of 1998, and Timeless Voices – 2006. In 2014, she was the featured reader of one of her writings at the “FCAC Literary Expo” in Washington, DC. She’s a published Author with her first book featured on Amazon Kindle. Cindy’s been interviewed and featured on Sistah’s Place Entertainment Blog. She was also featured on Maya’s Blog Showcase.

She was the featured guest speaker for the January 2016 Empowerment call titled – No More Talking, Just Action. She was also featured in a 2016 article called – Black Girl’s Rock. Cindy is the proud owner of Cindy’s Simple Pleasures, LLC, Petals by Cindy, LLC, Creations by Cindy’s Hands, and Second Time Around. She is an inventor in Patent Pending status. She’s a Blogger for “Simply Cindy” blog and a licensed Insurance Sales Agent in the States of Virginia and Maryland.  She’s a Mother of two.

Cindy’s Simple Pleasures, LLC

Blog name: Simply Cindy


Twisted Reality




Business Partner-Sistah’s Place Entertainment Showcase

Sistah’s Creative Media has partnered with sister company to utilize their services to serve us in a capcity that creates more exposure and features advertisement ads and interviews on the newly launched Sistah’s Place Blog Talk Radio and Sistah’s Voice #RealTalk Segment on Blog Talk Radio.

About Sistah’s Place

Sistah’s Place is the receipent of the 2017 Black Excellence Award for their Entertainment Blog.  Sistah’s Place has a mission to shine the light on those who follow their dreams, give back to the community, inspire others to take the leap of faith, to believe in themselves, and most important are a positive influence in the community. is your source for entertainment blog showcase.  Sistah’s Place was launched in July 2014 to be the source for film, television, theater, music, and publishing.  We focus on the talented minority men and women following their dreams while inspiring others to step out on faith to believe in their dreams.  

We are Rebranding our Business & Web Design

Welcome to Sistah’s Creative Media.  We are re-branding our services and re-structuring our website to better fit the vision and purpose of who we are that better represents our brand.  We ask that you be patient with us as our fully re-designed website will be completely live May 1, 2017.  We are very excited about the re-branding of our business.

With the re-branding comes new services to reach target customers like yourself whether you are :

  • Small business owner
  • Entertainer whether you are indie or national artist in music, television, theater, or film
  • Brand, actor, or actress
  • Literary industry best-selling authors that are indie or national
  • Indie film production & Directors
  • Indpendent networks

We have restructured our services and offer customize packages to fit our customers budget:

  • Newsletter & Blog Services starting at $100-$300
  • Social Media set up starting at $75 per social media network
  • Social Media management monthly packages starting at $250-$850
  • Promotional services & Advertisement packages starting at $200-$850
  • Website set up in WordPress starting at $300-$500 for simple designs with no more than 4 pages
  • Website set up in ‘WordPress hat are customized designs with our partner affiliate starts at $600-$2,000 with Simone’s Digital World at
  • Al Carte and customized packages are available upon consult for the following:
    • Social Media Posts for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for Business, Brand, or Fan page
    • Customized designs by Canvas, Word Swag, or partnered affiliated start at $100 for social media posts
    • Customized banner for social media and websites start at $75 and for tailored specific banners we outsource to one of our affiliate partners graphic designer.
    • One time service is available and price will be given during the consultation

In the coming weeks, we will be announcing our partner affiliate business who will work with Sistah’s Creative Media allowing us to give our clients the best service whether in-house or external.  We are here to create brand awareness and help you with your social media networks.

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Tumika Patrice Cain- When A Woman Loves 2

About the Author:
Tumika Patrice Cain is an award-winning author, media personality and publisher whose works centers around uplifting, encouraging and empowering others to live the abundant life.  Learn more about her by following he on social media and visiting her website at

Where to find her on social media?
You may follow her on Facebook: Tumika Patrice Cain and on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Goodreads: @TumikaPatrice.

Book Synopsis:
Jacquie remembered a time when she was once a tender, caring, hopeless romantic. But happily-ever-after’s and once-upon-a-time fairytales, proved over time to be just that – fairytales. After what she feels has been “a lifetime” of true love eluding her, she loses all hope, resigning to live a single (and loveless) existence. As time passes, she shifts her focus, choosing to concentrate on her career and makes the best of it…alone. 

Gorgeous, artsy and charismatic was the man who Jacquie’s eyes fell upon, causing her heart to beat in a rhythm she’d forgotten existed. Michael was more than enough man to make her lose herself inside dreams of a future interwoven with the very fabric of all that defined the beauty of being in love. But just like in fairytales, there’s always something out of place. For alas, this knight in chocolate armor, was twelve years her junior – an age gap that defined a cultural difference and a major problem for Jacquie’s overbearing mother. Will pressure from family and other obligations turn their love into a nightmare? Or can Michael and Jacquie tune out the rest of the world, embrace the sweetness that they share, and build a foundation that lasts? In book two of the series, When a Man Loves a Woman: A Love Divine, is a story of hope, accepting love, embracing one’s personal truths, and making no apologies for it.

Author Shanika N. Canty- Keena & Tyler A Lesson Learned #BOOKPROMO

Author Shanika N. Canty is a talented indie author writing from her heart.  This is her third novel that is a best-seller on Amazon.


About the book:

A Lesson Learned Change, isn’t always a good thing. Best friends, and young ambitious entrepreneurs Keena and Tyler are struck by an epiphany to go into business together. As things run smoothly for an extended period of time the two are then ‘struck…’ again. This time by cupids arrow. Their lengthy friendship suddenly crosses over into very new territory. But just as quickly as their love affair began. It unfortunately morphs into the dreaded ‘on again/off again’ fiasco. With both parties trying to do everything in their power to ensure it doesn’t affect their blossoming business venture. Keena eventually decides to leave New York for Florida to work on another endeavor. A decision made easier by her belief that she AND Tyler just aren’t meant to be. But can the two put their feelings for one another aside and accept that outcome? Or will they instead choose to endure these small bumps on a road that just might lead to true, unconditional love between the two of them? A sudden return trip by Keena back to New York might just hold the final answer.

Author Brenda L. Thomas- Woman On Top #BOOKPROMO

She was named on Essence Best seller list. Brenda  L . Thomas is an acclaimed and much sought after speaker and advocated against domestic violence. She has several novels under her belt along with her memoir Laying Down My Burdens. 

 It’s a great story that will have you engulfed with the characters. You will learn how Tiffany went from nothing to being the First Lady.

Book excerpt

Started from the bottom . . .Once hailed as the Queen of Philly’s nightlife, Tiffany Johnson-Skinner now reigns as its prominent First Lady, standing proudly beside her husband, the charismatic Mayor, Malik Skinner. Tiffany is the first to admit that she doesn’t have the perfect life, especially with the demands of her husband, caring for her young daughter, Nylah, and working with Blessed Babies, her budding charity. But since she once ruled the streets, Tiffany should have no problem ruling the city, right? Staying on top…When her husbands’ arch nemesis, former District Attorney, Gregory D. Haney III, reappears, Tiffany may have to revert to some of her old ways to keep her happy life. Tiffany and Mr. Haney share a dark and storied past and Tiffany will stop at nothing to keep it buried before the secrets and lies destroy everything she’s worked to build. In a riveting, sizzling page-turner, Brenda L. Thomas once again delivers a story of a woman intent on staying on top – no matter what it takes.

Follow and connect with Brenda on social media. To stay connected with her projects and tour dates when she is coming to your city.

Visit her website at