Author Shanika N. Canty- Keena & Tyler A Lesson Learned #BOOKPROMO

Author Shanika N. Canty is a talented indie author writing from her heart.  This is her third novel that is a best-seller on Amazon.


About the book:

A Lesson Learned Change, isn’t always a good thing. Best friends, and young ambitious entrepreneurs Keena and Tyler are struck by an epiphany to go into business together. As things run smoothly for an extended period of time the two are then ‘struck…’ again. This time by cupids arrow. Their lengthy friendship suddenly crosses over into very new territory. But just as quickly as their love affair began. It unfortunately morphs into the dreaded ‘on again/off again’ fiasco. With both parties trying to do everything in their power to ensure it doesn’t affect their blossoming business venture. Keena eventually decides to leave New York for Florida to work on another endeavor. A decision made easier by her belief that she AND Tyler just aren’t meant to be. But can the two put their feelings for one another aside and accept that outcome? Or will they instead choose to endure these small bumps on a road that just might lead to true, unconditional love between the two of them? A sudden return trip by Keena back to New York might just hold the final answer.