Advertise with Sistah’s Place

Advertise with Sistah’s Place Entertainment & Inspiration online digital magazine.  Sistah’s Place is the 2017 award winner of the Black Excellence Award.


Sistah’s Place audience is 90% women (age 21-65) with 10% (age 35-65) being men.  The current subscribers is 250 to their monthly newsletter with 5K followers across soical media channels, network affilates, and influencers across the digital media.   Sistah’s Place is 4 years old and continues to grow with the launching of Sistah’s Place Blog Talk Radio launched in February 2017.

 Newsletter promotional mention in our Sister Business Newsletter at Sistah’s Place for advertising fee of $50-75 to reach our mailing list of 250 subscribers and over 5K followers, network affiliates, and influencers on all social media channels.

Advertisement Ads options

Website Advertisement only: Post ad on Home page or sidebar with backlink to website if applicable.

2 days -$100

5-7 days- $150

10-15 days $175

Website with Upsell promotion includes social media ads on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram

2 days-$175

5-7 days-$225

10-15 days- $300

All Monthly Packages with upsell promotions plus magazine advertisement with one of our collaborative business resources. These do not have a contract.

  • 1 month package: $400 (includes 2 ads, 2 social media posts, magazine feature, and website ad)
  • 2 month package: $600 (includes 3 ads, 3 social media posts, magazine feature, website ad, 2 blog posts)
  • 3 month package: $700 (includes 3 ads, 3 social media posts, 2 magazine feature, website ad, 3 blog posts)
  • We do offer customize packages to fit each budget of our customers.  If you are looking for a one time Advertisement promotion, we can create a package for you.

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