Purpose & Vision

The purpose of Sistah’s Creative Media is to provide social media management services that will aid in promoting small business, brands, and talented men and women in Film, Theater, publishing, and artists.

Our goal is creating exposure to indie brands that will grow awareness across multiple platforms utilizing our network connections and business partners creating exposure digital media online and print and with media influencers.

What is Sistah’s Creative Media?

Sistah’s Creative Media was birthed from freelance projects as a creative media content creator for Nferno Productions film project called Christopher Nolen’s Zodiac Sign filmed summer 2015 and being social media manager for multiple blog platforms like Sistah’s Place Entertainment Blog.  The drive and inspiration from these projects and platforms birthed the vision and business Sistah’s Creative Media.

Sistah’s Creative Media provides social media management services creating exposure and awareness about your brand, project, and artist. We promote men and women in Film, Theater, Small business, artist brands, and events. Our goal is creating exposure for your brand that will grow awareness across multiple platforms, feature in online and digital magazines, and media influencers.

Our services involve creating awareness for your projects in digital and print media, across top social media channels such as Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.  Meanwhile, submitting engaging content to directories, and partnering with other business affiliates, influential bloggers, and magazines to expand the awareness of your projects in film, television, and publishing.

  • To grow and expand brands to reach bigger audiences.
  • To create awareness of new projects in film, television, and publishing.
  • To create awareness about small business and artists.
  • To help clients grown their brand and exposure on social media.
  • To create engaging content across social media platforms.

About the CEO

Sistah’s Creative Media was birthed in March 2016 from freelance services provided by owner Letrise T. Carter as a Creative Media manager who created awareness about indie film, best-selling national and indie authors.

Letrise Carter is the founder of Sistah’s Creative Media and the recently named 2017 award winning Sistah’s Place Entertainment Blog.  This started out as a freelance job that crossed multiple platforms.  The dream of one day owning her own business came true after freelancing on the film project for Nferno Productions.   Allowing her creativity to meet her unique imagination guided her vision to birth her dream business.

In 2014, Letrise launched her first blog Sistah’s Blog which would be that platform called Sistah’s Place Entertainment Blog which showcases minority men and women in film, theater, publishing, music, and television. This platform would give her the opportunity to interview indie, national, music artists, actors, actress, and directors.

Letrise enjoys promoting content that creates awareness about projects with authors and indie films is something that she is passionate about creating awareness about an industry that has so many talents. Letrise will be a published author with her debut novel anticipated to be release late summer 2017.

Visit her website Author Letrise Carter and sign up for her Author’s E-Blast for more details on the release of Deceitful Secrets.  You can read an excerpt from the first two chapters of her novel.

In 2017, Letrise decided to take her award winning blog to another level by launching Sistah’s Place Blog Talk Radio. On this platform, she interviews small business, artists, authors, directors, inspirational influencers, and musicians. Continuing to shine the light on talented black men and women.

Letrise is humbled by the exposure, connections, and support from the entertainment and publishing industry.  She has been inspired by many of the talented men and women that she has interviewed.  The inspiration from others has helped her to tap into her passion that led her directly into her purpose.  It’s been a powerful two and half years discovering her talents and gifts that will be blessing many.