What is Sistah’s Creative Media?

What is Sistah’s Creative Media? It’s media services that focus on growing and building engagement, connections, brand awareness, and promoting projects across social media channels.  Targeting specific industries such as film, television, and publishing.

Sistah’s Creative Media provides three types of services:

  • Creative Media Services
  • Social Media Services
  • Book Promotion Services

Creative media is creating unique content that informs, entertains, and engages the audience.  It’s engaging content that stands out with audiences that will share information regarding projects related to and about projects that the targeted audience is interested in learning more about as the brand is being exposed to different social channels, directories, networks, and syndicated networks.



How was Sistah’s Creative Media formed?  The birth of Sistah’s creative media came from the freelance jobs as creative media for NFerno Productions, social media manger for multiple platforms such as Sistah’s Place Entertainment  Blog and  Maya’s Blog Showcase.


Giving clients the necessary resources to grow the awareness for and about their brand, project, or novel is rewarding to Sistah’s Creative Media.  Let us help build, grow, expand, and create visibility for indie films, indie authors, and national projects in film, publishers, and theater.

Inquire today at Admin@sistahscreativemedia.com and we can examine our packages that we offer.